If you’re upgrading to Lingopal 44 v2 from an earlier version of Lingopal 44 …

When you download the new version of Lingopal 44, it may not have picked up that you had a store receipt.
Without deleting it, try just going to the store within Lingopal – the Plus icon in the top-right corner and see what happens – it should recognise that you are already paid up and show ticks on the items rather than prices.
Immediately after installing, only Essentials and Flirting categories are enabled.
01 Just Installed, thinks nothing bought
Tap the Store button and login to the App Store when prompted.

02 Tap Store Button

The Store recognises you had already bought Lingopal 44 and all items are ticked, so just close it with the X button.

03 Store Recognised Have Already Bought LP44

After returning from the store window, you will see the download indicator as it downloads new audio content.
All phrases are already enabled and you can go into categories and expand phrases. As they are downloaded, you will be able to play the audio.

04 Main Screen on returning from store

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