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**SALE!!!** until June 19

Now extended until June 19.

The ‘All Languages’ in-app purchase is now on sale for the miserly price of US$0.99. It’s normally US$9.99, so that’s a massive savings. If you’ve been umming and ahhing about getting it, now is the time. It’s all you’ll ever need to spend with Lingopal.

Hurry though – the sale finishes on 19 June 2017.

Lite apps decommissioned

And … the Lite apps are now gone. They served their purpose, however have been redundant for a while now. Just Lingopal 44.

Single language apps to be retired

It’s been quite a while since we’ve written a post. The fault lies entirely with me … my only excuse is that life has been getting in the way.

Anyway, this is to let you know that we’re removing the single language apps (PAID) from the iTunes App Store this weekend (3 June). They’re no longer getting supported*, and we want people to focus on downloading just the Lingopal 44 app. That is free to download, has all the content of the single language apps and provides a much better user experience.

The single language (FREE) apps will be removed very shortly too.

*If you have the single language apps on your handset, you can continue to use them. However we can’t guarantee they’ll work with future versions of the iOS.

If you’re upgrading to Lingopal 44 v2 from an earlier version of Lingopal 44 …

When you download the new version of Lingopal 44, it may not have picked up that you had a store receipt.
Without deleting it, try just going to the store within Lingopal – the Plus icon in the top-right corner and see what happens – it should recognise that you are already paid up and show ticks on the items rather than prices.
Immediately after installing, only Essentials and Flirting categories are enabled.
01 Just Installed, thinks nothing bought
Tap the Store button and login to the App Store when prompted.

02 Tap Store Button

The Store recognises you had already bought Lingopal 44 and all items are ticked, so just close it with the X button.

03 Store Recognised Have Already Bought LP44

After returning from the store window, you will see the download indicator as it downloads new audio content.
All phrases are already enabled and you can go into categories and expand phrases. As they are downloaded, you will be able to play the audio.

04 Main Screen on returning from store

How to save yourself US$9.00 and get 44 languages for around 2 cents each

With Lingopal 44, you have a few options.

1) use the free app as it is. There are 44 languages to jump around, but only 2 categories. There are also adverts.

2) download a single language in-app purchase (IAP) for US$0.99. This unlocks hundreds of phrases across a couple of dozen Categories. Not only is it much more useful, but the adverts disappear.

3) download a language bundle like Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Asia etc. These bundles typically have around 8 languages within them. For instance, Central Europe includes Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak and Slovenian. They sell for US$3.99. That’s a significant saving compared to buying individual languages.

4) if you travel a lot, love meeting foreign people, or just have an insatiable appetite for languages, then you’ll want the ‘All Languages‘ IAP. This includes everything – 44 languages and over 10,000 phrases with audio. This normally sells for US$9.99, just $0.23 per language.

23 cents per language seems a good deal, right? Well, we can do better. For a limited time, we’re offering the All Languages IAP for just $0.99about 2 cents per language. What can you buy for 2 cents these days?

Here’s how to take advantage of this fiscally irresponsible deal:

Nb. the $ figures shown below are taken from the Australian App Store. 

1 – click the Store icon



2 – click the ‘All Languages’ row to see all the languages you’re getting …



3 – then click the blue button with the gold badge …



4 – and finally click this button to download everything.


It’s that easy. Like I said, this deal is not going to be around for ever, and is unlikely to ever be repeated. So go and grab it now.



New Lingopal 44 is now live

It’s been a while coming, but we’re very happy to release the new Lingopal 44 for iOS. There are a number of positive changes:

1 – it’s free. Yep, down from US$9.99 and now with IAP (in app purchases).

2 – it comes preloaded with all the previous Lite app content, which pretty much means you have the equivalent of 44 Lite apps in the one app.

3 – it’s got a slinky flat design, but still stays true to the Lingopal look and feel you’ve come to love.

4 – it makes better use of features like side swiping. So now just swipe a phrase left to quickly add it to Favorites, or do the same on an opened phrase to share and edit.

5 – better playback. We were using a 3rd party tool to slow down and speed up audio playback, and now we’re using the Apple tool. It sounds better, and it’s solved a long-standing bug which occasionally caused the audio to stop playing.

6 – there’s a Store. In the top right corner there’s a new icon, and this will take you to the Store section where you can purchase individual languages, or better still, groups of apps bundled by geographical regions.

7 – Language bundles. A lot of people travel to several countries in one trip, so there’s a need for multiple languages in the one app. If you need 6 languages but think 44 is too much, then check out the language bundles in the Store and save money. We’ve divided them up like this:

  • Asia
  • Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Scandinavia
  • Rest of the World

N.b. – the prices indicated here are in Australian dollars.


8 – Notification feature. Don’t worry – we won’t spam! We’ve added this so we can let you know when we’re running sales and direct you to new features.

9 – speaking of sales …

For the remainder of 2014, the language bundle ‘Asia’ is on sale for just US$1.99!! That includes Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog (Filipino), Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. Those nine languages normally would cost US$8.61, so that’s a savings of US$6.92.

You do the math.