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How to save yourself US$9.00 and get 44 languages for around 2 cents each

With Lingopal 44, you have a few options.

1) use the free app as it is. There are 44 languages to jump around, but only 2 categories. There are also adverts.

2) download a single language in-app purchase (IAP) for US$0.99. This unlocks hundreds of phrases across a couple of dozen Categories. Not only is it much more useful, but the adverts disappear.

3) download a language bundle like Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Asia etc. These bundles typically have around 8 languages within them. For instance, Central Europe includes Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak and Slovenian. They sell for US$3.99. That’s a significant saving compared to buying individual languages.

4) if you travel a lot, love meeting foreign people, or just have an insatiable appetite for languages, then you’ll want the ‘All Languages‘ IAP. This includes everything – 44 languages and over 10,000 phrases with audio. This normally sells for US$9.99, just $0.23 per language.

23 cents per language seems a good deal, right? Well, we can do better. For a limited time, we’re offering the All Languages IAP for just $0.99about 2 cents per language. What can you buy for 2 cents these days?

Here’s how to take advantage of this fiscally irresponsible deal:

Nb. the $ figures shown below are taken from the Australian App Store. 

1 – click the Store icon



2 – click the ‘All Languages’ row to see all the languages you’re getting …



3 – then click the blue button with the gold badge …



4 – and finally click this button to download everything.


It’s that easy. Like I said, this deal is not going to be around for ever, and is unlikely to ever be repeated. So go and grab it now.